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He has a home in Switzerland, in Gstaad, and travels there to ski. But Espinoza said that in order to act on the motions of Polanski's lawyers seeking to dismiss all charges, the filmmaker would have to show up in court. Is this a French-American cultural disconnect, that they are more tolerant of rape or at least acquaintance rape? This is a matter of local jurisdiction (except the request for extradition had to be made by the feds).

He gave Polanski a couple of months to do so, and when he didn't show, said "Motion is denied." _______________________ Washington, D. It's been known for years that Polanski travels throughout Europe -- Switzerland included. I don't know that much about French culture -- are they against women's rights in general, or is it just a difference about sex with young minors? _______________________ Fairfax, Va.: I'm in no way defending child molesters, but if I recall the stories at the time there were some questions about whether Polanski knew the girl's age and whether the girl's mother had some role in the events. Polanski was originally charged with multiple felonies, and his guilty plea was part of a plea bargain that the judge apparently wasn't willing to honor.

Should we excuse an adult from preying on children because he's been successful as an artist/entertainer? I can understand that one of the more maddening elements of the tension between the American and European perspectives on Polanski's case is the angels-on-the-head-of-a-pin philosophizing on these questions. (And my personal opinion is beside the point, sorry.) As for any supposed conflict of interest or ethics issues, I'd have to defer to our expert Ombudsman, Andy Alexander -- if indeed there are questions worthy of investigation.

Some people were certainly ready to excuse Michael Jackson from any possible wrongs since they loved his music, but at least he wasn't ultimately judged guilty in a court of law. That said, it's entirely possible that Polanski has been cast in Europe not simply as a fugitive but more as a refugee from a rogue U. _______________________ Karl Vick: Trenton, I passed on your question by e-mail to Anne.

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I wouldn't even be surprised if somebody in the White House press corps asks the question of whether the administration should continue with the extradition given the outcry in France. C.: Is the French refusal to hand over Polanski to the U. a strict interpretation of their policy not to extradite French citizens or is it more of a reverence for him being an artist? Polanski ever admitted that he had sex with the 13-year-old? But that's the one and only place it would matter, of course. I could see denials in other forums -- interviews and such -- aggravating the situation inside the courtroom.

How soon will we be watching Schindler's List on three networks if Polanski isn't released? The premise of the question as firmly locked in conspiracy theorizing as any out of the Middle East! It truly is a global world...

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