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Fast gear changes and quick responses were not their forte, however they suit the nature of the cars very well.

• The suspension layouts are complex, especially at the rear with brake disks being mounted inboard. Clunking or jarring on pull off may indicate a worn propshaft or universal joint and this is worth getting checked out by a technician if you hear any suspicious noises.

While any of the variants are a good bet if your sole criteria are a smooth V12 engine and an even smoother ride, Series II models should be approached with caution due to their indifferent build quality.

The last of the line models are desirable for their more modern underpinnings however the originals Series I’s shape is the clincher for those that prefer a more traditional look.

The two door coupe Double Sixes were introduced during this period and with 385 produced, they are a rare sight on the roads today.

The handsome proportions of these models make them a nice alternative to the four door cars and not much dearer.

Various fixes and upgraded parts are available nowadays so while frustrating, a lot of the issues can be resolved.

Daimler production began soon after the Jaguar XJ was launched and shadowed its updates and facelifts along the way too.

• As with the Jaguar models of the same era, reliability is not a strong point.

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