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16-Oct-2017 13:50

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The focus is not on the rules but on the kind of people we want to be.

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Christianity’s two great legacies of the twentieth century have been predatory abuses of power, and the exclusion and repression of people who are ‘different’. We have to grow up, and become people who do deserve that trust, ‘if not us, who?

Then the ‘sexual revolution’ came, and ‘free love’ was the answer of Western Culture – ‘if it feels good, do it.’ But in all honesty, most people find that way of living is shallow, deeply unsatisfying, and that it has an emotional cost that’s just not okay.

A generation after the morality of ‘hippie culture’, what I constantly experience is that many people have reached a place that is like despair.

The cows don’t stray, as they always stay a safe distance to the well.

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Their need for water keeps them safe.” This story explains a Christ centred perspective on Sexual ethics.Rather than being dogmatic about theology or ethics, we encourage people to think through issues & make decisions for themselves.